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Fanfiction for the fearless and bent

Alice goes down the rabbit hole and everything changes

alice goes down
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I started this community to post stories and recs. If other people join and want to post stories and story recs, even better!

here are the rules:

are we acting up then? - fred or george, prisoner of azkaban


1. any of the following pairings are always welcome:

Harry Potter: harry/sirius, james/sirius, fred/george
Buffy: buffy/angel, oz/lupin
Vampire Chronicles: armand/daniel

2. pairings that are okay with qualifications:

remus/sirius is fine as long as there is NO james bashing, belittling or befuddling!

dawn/spike and xander/cordelia [emphasis on sarcastic and funny rather than angst or true love]

xander slash works for me too, as long as it is sufficiently rude boyish and gropey [xander/spike] or dark [angel/xander].


3. threesomes [or foursomes] are allowed as long as they include one of the pairings listed above. [slutty marauders are always welcome!]

4. stories centered on dark harry trump the pairing rules. you can have harry/hedwig for all I care as long as harry is ruthless/scary/sociopathic/morally ambiguous. same goes for dark buffy. if she's vamped or just plain mean, bring it on!

5. adult squicky fanfic is strongly encouraged. bring your smutty, your thoughtful, your rowdy marauders, and your dark hero/heroines.

6. because adult content will be present, members will need to swear that they are 18 and all posts will be friend-locked.

7. cut and tag your beasts even if they're not enormous--don't want people to get fired over the smut.

8. buffy crossovers are okay, but pairing rules are still in effect!

drop me an email that says you're over the age of majority and I'll sign you up.